Preparation Before Plastering

There are a lot of key factors for preparing your walls before we can start plastering.

Here I will try to explain what you need to do before we can apply any plaster to your walls and ceilings.

If you have wallpaper on any of your walls it’s best to remove this prior to us coming to give you a quote, this will ensure we can see any problems with the condition of your walls and if there are any issues with the walls and ceilings being blown (plaster coming away from walls), damaged or cracked, as I advise all my clients wallpaper hides a lot of issues.

If you have any issues with water ingress or damp in your property you need to get this looked at before we attend, as we cannot quote until we know the leak has been sorted and the damp issue resolved.

You need to ensure that any artex coatings have been tested for asbestos (look at the section on my website for this) as we cannot give you any quotes or advice until the samples have been tested and what the results are.
Please don’t have anyone tell you that it doesn’t contain Asbestos until you have had it tested as nobody other than a specialist laboratory can give you accurate results.
If you are planning to have new skirtings and architraves please remove them prior to plastering as we can only plaster down to them if they are left on.

I have probably missed a few things but this is just a rough guide as to what is best to do before we arrive to quote and plaster.
Of course please email me or call if you need too.