Don’t Try This At Home

When looking for a plasterer or any tradesmen check out the credentials first, most decent tradesmen can be booked for at least 2-3 weeks in advance some are months or even a year in advance.

When I went to look at this project it was for a client who had a brand new two storey extension built for an Airbnb venture for themselves.

On first glance the build was fine and they just needed someone to come in and plaster it for them, I went and quoted and they said they were having a parge coat done first by them and I was to follow and plaster it all out for them.

On the day of arrival I walked into a horror story!

In 15 years of plastering I have never walked or refused a job on arrival, this really was the worst I have ever seen, so I got on with it and the pictures speak for themselves.

Don’t think that because we make it look easy that it is, by all means have a go but don’t think that you will get the finish that we can get with the tools and experience we have gained over the years.

This was the attempt on the windows